Friday, November 16, 2007

Indicator #2 - Short Arms Deep Pockets

Indicator #2
Short Arms Deep Pockets

As a business owner, the most attractive dream client is the one with a lot of money and a lot of needs that you can help them with to improve their business. You look at their wealth, and then you look at the product, and it baffles you. So you say, “how could this guy accomplish all of this?” So you begin working on them, and laying out your master plan to them – hoping this will be the mega-brand you help to launch. But all this guy wants is a stupid business card, with his company name breaking through a brick wall. In the end, the $75 project winds up costing you $500, because you ignored the indicator that could have saved you money, time and grief. The education business can easily be confused with the consulting business. A man with short arms is lucky to get anything into his pockets in the first place.

I worked for a brilliant man who started a business from nothing. He was savvy, shrewd and very cheap. I spent nearly seven years waiting for the day when he would embrace new ideas about marketing and branding. I soon learned that he would only pay for things that were absolutely necessary. In his case, and in his industry, branding and comprehensive marketing were not necessary. Therefore, he had no need to reach beyond very top of his pocket to drop his money in.

In the end, you must always have the ability to measure your client’s ability to reach, and compare it to the depth of their pocket. The successful relationships in the marketing and advertising business happen when both parties have reach that is within reason of their pockets. A man with short arms and deep pockets will never understand why he should extend his reach. A man with long arms and short pockets will never understand why he should pull back a little. It is the client who understands balance that will become part of the foundation of your success in this game. Always seek balance, and those who seek it as well.

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