Monday, January 21, 2008

2008 Is Here!

Okay, I've been slacking, and two weeks is really too much time in between for my blogs. Anyway, I hope 2008 has brought you all joy, happiness, and STACKS OF CASH. As for me, nothing exciting on the business end has happened. However, I am looking forward to this year being my year of completion - a graduation in many respects.

Earlier this past week, I was invited to be part of, a social networking site for Howard University alumni. Although I chickened out, I think the site is wonderful, because it allows fellow alum, such as myself, to reconnect with past close friends in an context that helps me remember "THE GLORY DAYS". Which leads me to my topic of discussion on this blog, The Inverted Business Development Flow.

In past times, all big things (music, products, etc.) started off small, and with enough interest, evolved into huge successes. It was the responsibility of the large corporations to be able to seek and develop modest solutions, and surround it with financial and managerial support to enable it to serve a larger population. It seems now, in many respects, that there is opportunity for the small business to apply this same development process to the creations of the big guys. is a prime example of this process. MySpace and FaceBook, in a physical analogy, seem like a house party in the Biltmore. No matter how many candles and couches you place in each room, it will never be as intimate as the house party at your friend's condo.

In 2008, I hope all you small business guys begin to make use of your power to personalize the many experiences established by the corporate giants. No matter how small the world becomes, people still have a need to be identified with a small faction of society.

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