Thursday, February 14, 2008


It’s amazing how ceremonial we have become in this world. I get totally confused during Christmas when someone who wouldn’t speak to me all year suddenly wants a hug and conversation, because it’s time to give and share. Valentine’s Day is not much different from the rest of the holidays. “EVERYONE AT THE COUNT OF THREE WE ARE GOING TO SHOW APPRECIATION TO OUR LOVED ONE, OR FIND THE CLOSEST PERSON TO SHOW APPRECIATION, BECAUSE IT’S VALENTINE’S DAY!!!!”, is what it translates into for this world.

When did we become so mechanical, so typical?

Everyday you wake up is the opportunity to exercise the very things you celebrate and execute on those famed holidays. If anything, the holidays should be times of reflection to review how you’ve loved, and how you’ve given to others during the entire year. We’ve grown into a practice of following and not being led.

I hope this day sparks a new initiative in all of us to get in the practice of practicing everyday. Me personally, I could care less about flowers, gifts and kisses on one insignificant day. I’d rather share a book or share a beautiful thought with someone on a day that really doesn’t matter, which in my life is more significant than any holiday.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all. May the day bring you a new respect and understanding for love. May love encourage you to want to do better and be better. May that encouragement move you to make it happen for yourself and your love for God. May the act of “making it happen” allow for a closer walk with God.

- Gift 4 of 4

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