Wednesday, March 05, 2008


A Blog About Local Relevance and Realism

It dawned on me the other day, while contemplating a potential overseas project, that I’m truly not ready to play the global game – mainly because I’ve yet to master the local game. After reading the article about Sheryl Sandberg’s transition to FaceBook from Google, I thought to myself, “how do you get your arms around something as complex as social networking on a grand scale?” And it dawned on me, in many ways the industry superstars simply the big picture compared to the thoughts the average professional, but in many ways they see the simple things in much more detail.

As of now, or for a little while at least, I will shift the focus of this blog to a more local concentration – to establish more relevancy and realism to a region that needs to improve the way they go about the business of business. It looks as if I will be here for a few more years, so I’ll make the best of this by analyzing and interpreting the marketing strategies of companies and institutions known across the globe or across town that operate out of Tennessee.

I look forward to your responses and comments as I begin to make entries about the state of Tennessee, and how it goes about the business of marketing. I invite everyone to send me questions and suggestions regarding this in-depth observation of a truly unique marketplace.

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