Saturday, August 16, 2008

Gas, Balance, and the Local Economy

This will mark my official live-remote blog from my cell phone. I have the opportunity of free time, an idea, and a need to express myself. If you combine this with the preparation of a cell phone, the equation is right for me to get "lucky".

Anyway, as I am attending a new local event that has been somewhat successful, an interesting article ran across my eyes. According to an article in InTech, a publication produced for the Institute of Standards and Automation, there is a new trend of reverse outsourcing by European and US companies. The dramatic increase in fuel cost has narrowed the advantage gap between local manufacturing and outsourcing. In many cases, the cost of transporting goods from overseas has tripled for businesses - forcing an adjustment in their supply-chain strategy. Therefore, many companies are bringing work back to the homefront.

As I stated before in a previous blog, the economic situation in this nation may present some positive byproducts for our society - only if we are ready for it.

The question presented to those who scream, "they stole our jobs!", is are you ready for the work? Better yet, what have you been doing to improve the efficiency of the US manufacturing sector to sustain this new advantage in a meaningful way?

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