Thursday, August 07, 2008

What Happens To Blockbuster?

I'm interested to know, what actually happens to Blockbuster in the long run? Their current issue is a common issue for many companies and organizations. They see the physical realm and the virtual realm (internet) as two separate environments. In many ways they are, but the core model and platform of an organization should apply to both realms.

Blockbuster can't simply try to get in the middle of the game. They have to figure a way to position the organization where the market will be in two or three years. This means embracing new technology, and acquiring new online concepts - possibly even partnerships with current online powerhouses. For instance, it's not too late for Blockbuster to enter the mobile gaming sector by offering a component service for current mobile service providers.

It's amazing to see the video rental game transition into an on-demand market, but it's necessary for a healthy market. For any organization, especially technology or entertainment, the window for a competitive advantage is five years at best. What does this mean for a workforce that craves stability? Will this add dimensions project management? How will this change the portfolio structure of a conglomerate like Time Warner or Disney?

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