Monday, September 29, 2008

What's The Deal?

After all of this time, there is still no deal for the "Bailout", a.k.a. "The Wall Street Welfare Program". It's amazing how things are getting out of whack. We've watched the prices get out of hand, and in the midst of just plain old living, we as a people have been taken for a ride. So, how does this effect the world of marketing?

As Slim Charles said, the cool character in the HBO series The Wire, "The game just got more fierce" - for whatever that means. The game will eventually take a transition from a growth strategy to a core competency/sustainable competitive advantage strategy - working on margins rather than market-share. The new marketing professional will yet again make another organizational movement from the creative world to the practical/problem-solving world. It's up to the marketing professionals, with the potential issues of credit contraction, to search for the new landing place for value.

Although it totally sucks to be graduating in such a debacle as this, I''m glad about my choice to concentrate my M.B.A. in Supply Chain Management. Coming from the creative world, I watched an entire industry get slaughtered by the sword of reality. Much like company politics, there's little room these days for things that don't really pertain to business. Truly, do you want to be the company slapped on the hand these days for discrimination? No, there's bigger fish to fry. Likewise, there's very little time for creative expression that isn't tied directly related to a monumental strategy.

By transitioning from creative professional to an idea strategist, I believe there is a newfound appreciation for professionals who can deliver the two worlds in a realistic balance. Similar to third-party logistics and extended enterprises, marketing will be tied even closer to the data that drives an organization. When this economy was flying high, marketing professionals could navigate the aircraft by looking out the window. Hell, it didn't matter if you dropped a few thousand feet, you were still 40,000 feet in the air. Now, the window is merely a reference for verification, because the decisions must be made by the instruments below. If the instruments say you are climbing at an enormous rate, you only need to briefly look out the window for blue skies.

One thing's for sure, Adobe Photoshop, a good jingle, or even viral marketing can't save you now. Tool up guys, it's game time.

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