Friday, November 21, 2008

Countdown with Ken Lovett

It's countdown to graduation. I have several pages left to complete my final project. In the weeks following, I will begin addressing local marketing issues by making use of the things I've learned in my M.B.A. program. Overall, it has been a positive experience. I now see the world in a much different light. I see ways to validate creativity in business, and I have an understanding of how marketing should apply to new ideas.

Supply Chain Management is normally perceived as a production or manufacturing profession. However, it has more to do with marketing than most would suspect. As I begin my new direction with this blog, I will try to develop more comprehensive entries that look deeply into local, and sometimes global, brands from the eyes of a marketing/supply-chain professional. I think you will find this to be an interesting perspective, and I look forward to having dialogue with those who respond.

Happy Birthday Kyle!!!

Best Wishes Nephew!!!

Cars and Competition

The recent talk about bailing out the Big Three automobile manufacturers has many people voicing their opinion about how their current misfortune should be handled financially. The bailout concept has brought about many questions when it comes to our economy and capitalism. Responsibility only applies to crisis, and rules should never apply to times of growth.

The average American is trying to conceptualize the recent downturn in the economy in their own way, and it's hard to see how any middle or lower class citizen could have anything to do with it. However, our movement as a nation is no different than the movement of any vehicle. There must be a cohesive arrangement of mechanisms to guide and propel the vehicle. Likewise, there must be a functional element to make the vehicle stop, or at least slow down. Without something to propel us, we can go nowhere. Without something to guide us, we will never get there. Without something to stop us, we risk the safety of all onboard.

I believe that whatever the decision, with regard to the Big Three car companies, the direction will dictate the overall business climate for this nation. It is not our democracy that is at stake these days. Rather, it is our professional value and validity in the global economy. All the social issues that plagued our nation for so long are now irrelevant, because we need our best and our brightest, regardless of background, to create and develop new ideas to help this nation compete. It is through cars and competition that we now see what can happen when we fail to make use of the brake pedal.

What to do about Detroit

Seth Godin gives his diagnosis for Detroit; Let the big 3 go to the wall and encourage hundreds of smaller car companies to emerge in their place; Scrub the dealer network and allow car shops to emerge that sell cars from all makes. Vive la revolution.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Starbucks/Teavana Acquisition Idea

Can someone tell me why a Starbucks/Teavana merger would be a bad idea?