Friday, January 09, 2009

Letter to the editor of Communication Arts

Of all the articles I've seen about the issues related to the creative profession, David Baker's perspective is the best by far. I see the horrible path to irrelevancy that the creative world is heading, and I wonder when someone will tell the industry that they've painted themselves in a corner. The only thing worse than being replaceable is being extinct, which is the apparent choice of the creative world.

I started out my education and career in the world of design. After struggling for years to understand the connection of creative services to business strategy, I decided to go back to school for my MBA in supply-chain management. I must admit, the change feels good, because I function in a more quantifiable business world.

As a design student, I believed in the ability of the creative professional to significantly contribute to the strategic goals of the organization. I believed it could happen from the "creative process" that merged science to art. After a few years in the working world, I soon realized it was the creative professional who was perpetuating the horrible myth that creatives have nothing to do with meaningful organizational results.

I'm glad I got out.

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