Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Unappreciated Progress

The Washington Post announced today that Steve Jobs, Apple's iconic leader, will be taking a leave of absence due to recent health issues. Although the nature of Jobs' health situation is unclear to the public, the rumors surrounding it have taken a toll on the company's stock price.

In the midst of demanding so much from computers, we've failed to realize just how far we've come as a society in the past few decades, which is a direct result of pioneers like Steve Jobs. Pioneers who went off the beaten track to create a world unknown to us all at the time. It seems like only yesterday when the concept of a laser printer was the talk of the town, and now you get one free with a purchase of a $300 computer. Through it all, masterminds like Jobs, Gates, and many others gave their lives to connect one end of the globe to the other, realize unimaginable efficiencies in business and industry, and move the world one step forward in this game called civilization.

Best wishes to you Mr. Jobs on your recovery. And if no one says it to you, I appreciate all that you do.

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