Sunday, March 29, 2009

Laptops, Netbooks, and Apple

In recent news, it was reported that Apple's US sales were down, while PC manufacturers sales were up. As many of you know, Apple's products are more expensive than most PC units. As I've stated in other entries, this economy will force most manufacturers to make significant shifts in their product lines - in an immediate but unknown period of time. Yes, the products will get cheaper (not less expensive), and the "nice-to-haves" will come at a premium.

Wired Magazine recently reported the unexpected success of the Netbooks. It appears that Netbooks are, and will continue to be, a force to be dealt with in the PC industry. Much ahead of the curve, the Netbooks have addressed the new business model, as it relates to product life cycle of the computer industry. For some reason, it was somehow assumed that consumers needed the works - for everything. NetBooks have countered this theory by dealing with the consumers core needs and leveraging the new platforms, such as online applications by Google.

In order for Apple to thrive, or survive, during these interesting times, they need to find a way to produce a list of products at a low cost, while keeping the aspects unique to Apple. It's an interesting product mix that requires all hands on deck. It will be interesting to see how Apple answers this new challenge.

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