Friday, April 17, 2009


Many of you have forgotten about the AWESOMENESS of Mike Tyson in the 1980's. Many actually take delight in the fact that this once Sampson-like figure is now down. Of course they wouldn't say it to his face, but the fear of invincibility has once again alluded us all.

I remember back in the day, in high school, having Mike Tyson parties, when he had a contract with HBO to broadcast his fights. I remember going to get the popcorn - only to miss the entire fight when I returned to the room. I remember how his presence, during a very crucial time in Hip Hop, had a lasting impact on biggest component of Hip Hop - power. For those of you who don't recall the experience, the fancy robes were replaced with a cutout towel. The fancy smack-talk was reduced to precision technique.

It's truly unfortunate what happened after this great moment in sports and boxing history. Regardless, this man deserves our respect for his brief time on the mountain top.

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