Sunday, June 14, 2009

Visual Complexity: Visualizing Data and Information

Every now and then, I think about my undergraduate degree in Fine Arts, and I wonder if there is still some good use for it. Before I know it, I'm in a meeting where things get a little cloudy for everyone in the conference room. I always find myself walking up to the dry-erase board to illustrate a process or strategy, and then the meeting begins to make some form of progress. It is at that point that I realize how visual-minded most professionals are in the business world.

Manuel Lima's presentation during the Creativity and Technology Conference (CaT) a few weeks ago truly inspired me in many ways. He is the founder of, a web environment dedicated to the visualization of data wide range of subject matter. Each project is a work of fine art, but it successfully addresses the needs of the business community by displaying information and data in a time series capture, which should spark more meaningful dialogue about what this data and information means to the overall business strategy.

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