Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Clarity Phones: A Well Designed Product, A Well Designed Plan

Allison Gorman reported, in Business TN's latest issue, about a Chattanooga-based company called Clarity. Clarity designs phone products for the senior community. These phones are very basic in nature - no camera or internet connection (that I've read so far). These devices are equipped with dual power source options - meaning a standard cell phone battery or AA batteries. It also has a red panic button that can call five preset numbers to alert them about a potential emergency.

We often hear about the latest technology, as it relates to the younger generation. However, we sometimes forget that technology is being developed to enhance or improve the lives of our senior citizens. Clarity is currently working on expanding their marketing channels. I see great utility in their current product line. Products and strategies like this one will find, in my opinion, prosperity in the near future.

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