Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Unemployment in Silicon Valley - A New Experience

In the August issue of Wired Magazine, Paul Boutin wrote a brief article about the upside of people being laid off in Silicon Valley. He positioned the article to deal primarily with innovation through startups. Adobe Systems is a good example of this process. Thus, the stagnation and lack of opportunity should spark new ideas to reshape technology in the near future. Although I like the point, I think 2009 is a little different from the rule.

Silicon Valley will always go down in history as the place where technological innovation brought great rewards to the global economy. But 2009 doesn’t quite have the circumstances necessary for a significant green shoot of innovation to solve the problems related to this economy – not to mention technology is now more engrained into mainstream society.

I’m sure there are plenty of venture capital opportunities on the sidelines ready to support any potential of an idea, but the impact of any discovery is unsure at this time. Unlike the times of old when the infrastructure of technology was not quite developed, this downturn, for Silicon Valley, will provide the same challenges and problems as the rest of this nation.

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