Sunday, August 09, 2009

Urban Farming/Hunger in Detroit

Where do we go from here? -

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  1. What's needed is a way to simplify and sell urban agriculture without dumbing it down or compromising its advantages - and SPIN-Farming is one way. SPIN-Farming is a commercial vegetable farming system that makes it possible to earn $50,000+ from a half acre. SPIN's growing techniques are not, in themselves, breakthrough. What is novel is the way a SPIN farm business is run. SPIN provides everything you'd expect from a good franchise: a business plan, marketing advice, and a detailed day-to-day workflow. In standardizing the system and creating a reproducible process it really isn't any different from McDonalds. By offering a non-technical, easy-to-understand and inexpensive-to-implement farming system, it allows many more people to farm commercially, wherever they live, as long as there are nearby markets to support them. By using front lawns, backyards and neighborhood lots as their land base, SPIN farmers are recasting vegetable farming as a small business in a city or town. Most importantly, this is happening without significant policy changes or government supports. It is entirely entrepreneurially-driven. You can see some of these SPIN farmers in action at