Saturday, November 28, 2009

Barnes and Noble 'Nook' Gets Branding help from R/GA

I appears that we are beyond the evolution shock in the publishing world, and we are on to the new race for a tech-solution for documents, publications, and books. R/GA, New York, is working with Barnes & Noble to help them compete with the moderately successful Kindle made by Amazon. These e-readers can definitely be considered a form of disruptive technology or innovation.

For the established publishers and book companies, it makes it more difficult to discover the next great literary hit, because the manuscript may never come across their desk. Independent writers now have immediate access to their potential customers through a device that functions as a retail store. That's right, inventory is no longer a problem with the e-reader solution. So, the next phase of this competitive race is branding. In the early stages tons of money are dumped into marketing to find a way to capture the hearts of consumers, by any means necessary. We see the wars going on with netbooks, which are experiencing a steady, but moderate, rate of growth. Here's yet another battlefield in the market of tomorrow.

The next phase will be the merger between physical and digital branding. I see a future where physical retail space will be more about the experience, and the online space will function as the deal closer. Many organizations are already heading that way, but I see this strategy permeating throughout the entire market-place.

R/GA specializes in Brand Development, among many other things related to advertising and marketing.

What are your thoughts on e-readers?

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