Friday, November 06, 2009

CreateHere: Growing Big Ideas and Small Businesses

I'm still waiting for the event to begin, and I'm reading/socializing in the presentation area. I met an employee at CreateHere who also has a silkscreen business with her boyfriend in the local Chattanooga incubator. CreateHere is more than just a creative think-tank. It's a place where ideas grow and busineses get the information and confidence they need to survive in market.

I'm still not sure about the overall vision for this organization/venue, but it seems to be a truly innovative business model from what I've heard so far. It's privately funded, and it's broken down into several useful business unit/service components - all aimed at sparking the flame necessary to grow successful start-ups in the Chattanooga area. It brings together a partnership that understands the crucials of success - unselfish goals and realistic dreams.

Springboard is one of several components/services offered at CreateHere. It offers a short-term business planning services for hopeful startups. I remember when I launched KLCS, and I quickly realized how important it is to have a good grasp on business matters, as well as a support system to stay encouraged. In Nashville, we have incubators, several small business development centers, and even some collaborative environments for creatives. But, we don't have anything near the complexity and reach of CreateHere - that I know of.

No matter what I do in life, I will always be an artist first. I truly believe that art has no choice but to merge with other important subjects like math and science to not only remain relevant, but to ultimately survive as an industry. It seems that the more established art-related agencies in Chattanooga realized how important it is to give younger professionals a chance at solving many of the problems that plague the American Marketplace - unselfish. From my brief time watching the group collaborate, the broad-stroked mission approach allows the staff and clients to exercise their ability to creatively solve problems - realistic goal. Even better, the plan for this effort is to dissolve in five years to allow for some of these components to either take a life of their own, merge into more established initiatives, or simply fade away. WOW, it's amazing what action you'll see when there is a shot-clock.

THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS 'ART FOR ART'S SAKE', unless your name is ART. If so, I'm afraid we are doomed.

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