Saturday, January 02, 2010

NYTimes: U.S. Loan Effort Is Seen as Adding to Housing Woes

There are a lot of ways we could look at this, but I'm not sure if
either assumption will render any positive results. I understand that
this is a fight against deflation and devaluation, but what choice is
there when we all over-did it?

There's too much inventory. Inflation is way out of check. And, no one
will accept an interest rate beyond the normal. The Titans of the
economy mysteriously have answers to fix the problem they helped to
cause in this nation. The answer is there, but no one wants to
consider that option.

The New York Times:

U.S. Loan Effort Is Seen as Adding to Housing Woes

Some economists contend that the Obama administration's $75 billion
program to prevent foreclosures has done more harm than good.

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  1. The biggest source of concern remains the growing numbers of underwater borrowers – now about one-third of all American homeowners with mortgages, according to The Obama administration clearly grasped the threat as it created its program, yet opted not to focus on writing down loan balances.

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