Saturday, January 02, 2010

Where do iPods come from? Transparency for Supply Chains

Every now and then, I browse through the many projects listed on the Visual Complexity web site. Today, I cam across one project that I found very interesting for many reasons. Aside from being a marketing and supply-chain professional, I am a strong supporter of information transparency. With technology, the curtain has been removed, and we now know the identity of Wizard of Oz . The availability of information takes away the excuse for consumers or reluctant entrepreneurs, because all that's left after the information has been provided is the decision to do something.

Getting Started with Open Supply Chains from Matthew Hockenberry on Vimeo.

MIT has partnered with a few others to help develop an interesting web site called Source-Map. This is a totally visual presentation of supply-chains for various products. Do you want to know how iPods are made? This site can show you the route. The visualization of data may be the most important new aspect of the new wave of technology. There's only one problem. It could be considered a progression from the cash registers with pictures on them, instead of numbers.

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  1. I never force anyone to do anything. The GR9 ipod transport device is not a done deal and there are many things that can make this either delayed or possibly not happen Matt is at the mercy of Apple at this point. It is exciting because he has a working version and it sounds awesome. We are hopeful that this will happen soon however. The more information I know I will certainly post.

    dsi r4