Sunday, February 28, 2010

The First Step to Brand Confidence

The bleak outlook for the economy has forced many businesses to evaluate their mission, their vision, and their brand. We often brag about the 'American Success Engine' when the victories are evident and in clear sight. But I am of a different opinion about what makes us as Americans special in comparison to the rest of the world. The Success Engine starts now, in this necessary time of pruning. The space is being defined for many, and the obstacles are clear. Everyday you turn the lights on in the office, GET THAT MONEY BABY!!! As my old business mentor once told me, "If you don't make it happen, it ain't gonna happen".

But this doesn't address the outlook for the future. Unless you are among those within the Commanding Heights, you have to find some way to establish a competitive edge. If you've looked around lately, you should have noticed that the leaders have addressed the one thing that reaches the customer in midst of confusion - the familiar. Step One to building your brand: Find out what really matters to your potential customer - no one cares how you feel about your product. Once you realize that it's not the engineering quality, but the cool blinking lights, pick yourself off the floor and go work on some cool blinking lights. You can use the extra cash to comfort you in your time of disappointment.

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