Sunday, August 15, 2010

China: The Second-Largest Economy

The article below introduces a very scary reality for the world economy. As most nations struggle to avoid the grips of the "silent decade monster" that Japan has experienced, China is taking advantage of their momentum by doing all that it takes to continue their unusual growth. It changes the game for many reasons. One, there are significant political implications for all the major superpowers. Second, there will be an even more competitive fight for scarce natural resources. And finally, the concept of currency may be in a global tailspin in the near future.

Nonetheless, the U.S. is still, by far, the economic superpower. But, this country now faces a more aggressive competitor in China. The name of the game is exports, and at this time, America is pretty much stuck with no good ideas. Additionally, we struggle from the trust issue with financial products, due to the dispersion of toxic assets. The keys rest in innovation through energy and technology; a game-changing discovery that transform daily life for most of the globe. Stay tuned for more information on American exports.

From The New York Times:

China Passes Japan as Second-Largest Economy

Experts say that unseating Japan — and in recent years passing Germany, France and Great Britain — underscores China's growing clout.

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