Friday, January 07, 2011

When Planning and Policies Will Not Do

I will give you a quick secret about me. I am in love with strategy and planning. Sure, I like the execution that leads to success, but the thought of success and the plans to get there are fascinating to me. Of late, I have tried to approach leadership from a hands-off perspective - trying to find the right words and policies to influence a winning attitude. I want the expectations around me to reach a new height, which in turn will help me to improve on my own shortcomings. But sometimes planning and policies will not do. Sometimes, you have to get the herd running and conditioned to run before you can establish the rules and standards necessary to sustain a successful attitude. It's very similar to the Karate Kid's "Wax On Wax Off" exercise.

For 2011, planning and polices will not work. It's time to condition your team to function within success. No, this is not a call for boss-style management, where you tell them to "do it or else". This is a call for small base hits - doing things outside of everyone's comfort zone. Call meetings early in the morning - important meetings that no one can afford to miss out on. Embrace suicide missions that have a high probability of failure - knowing it will ultimately fail, but not result in a costly endeavor. Initiate projects after hours with the few crazy people that will entertain your ideas at an inappropriate time. Get people comfortable with the value of failure, rewards of change, and the process of success.

The problem may not be in their expectations, but yours.

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