Saturday, March 05, 2011

What Are We Doing?

It's been sometime since I've written in this blog. I've been bummed out from work and school, and the flat economy has me losing my enthusiasm for most things. Anyway, it's time to write and get my thoughts out there, with the hope of influencing others to do something positive. My topic for today has to do with democracy without consensus.

I just finished watching Waiting for Superman, which is a documentary on the public school system in the United States. Instead of being inspired and pumped up, it made me very depressed for many reasons. One, the debate about public schools is a conversation between those who benefit directly from its failure or success, but don't want to be responsible for either outcome. It would be easier to watch the end of Titanic than to explain the mentality of those in the conversation. Two, we, the people, have allowed others to use improper definitions and terms to justify unethical decisions. And finally, we all want our freedom, our rights, and the notion of decentralization. However, we also feel that this right justifies the rationale behind never reaching a consensus - never making the tough decisions. I like to call this the "drowning debate, while drowning".

I don't have a point to make today. I am just frustrated with our bad solutions to make due until we can make up another bad solution. 

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