Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quantitative Problems and Qualitative Attitudes

I am amazed by the inability of people to match up their quantitative problems (budgets) with the qualitative behaviors (must haves, needs, pet projects, etc.). It appears they understand that their paycheck is supplied with money, but they can't seem to correlate the money they receive to the money they waste in their operation. It's like saying, "I understand that I need four dollars to get this item, but how do I get this item with one dollar?"

The answer is fairly simple. If you can't accept the answer "you can't", then you only have two options left: three more dollars or a pistol. That's it. I honestly don't get it. The sick part of this problem is the intellectual presentation of this "need".

So, you ask the question, "how did we get in this bad financial state as a nation?". The answer is right in front of you. If you can't make a decision when your "political career" isn't riding on it, then how in the world would you expect a CEO, a senator, or some other leader to make the tough choice.

Please understand, this has nothing to do with hard times. We all have them. This is all about our problems drowning our preferences. If it's not all about money, then why are you using money in your operation? Just saying.

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