Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Visualization Design - Envisioning Technology

Michell Zappa has developed an interesting mapping for understanding technology. The explanation on the site states:

“Envisioning technology” is a speculative and subjective overview of potential future technologies. Based on personal research and observations, this map is intended to facilitate predictions of where the technium is going, as well as provoke thought and stimulate debate.

Due to the intrinsic difficulty of speculation, the visualization is not to be interpreted as a roadmap, but rather as a point of reference for those investigating (or designing) the future of τεχνολογι
Mapping exercises are very helpful in understanding thought patters, especially your own. I currently use MindMeister to quickly map my thoughts during meetings using my iPad. The results have been tremendous. Most people are visual in nature. My maps have helped to frame conversations in a more effective light. Have you ever tried to explain servers and networks to a leadership team that's not very technical? Mind mapping is a good option for bringing in a translation source to create common modules of discourse.

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