Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sad Moment

After ten years of operation, I have officially closed down the business of K.L. Creative Solutions, Inc. It has been an awesome experience; something you can't buy anywhere on this planet. I will wait to reflect on the journey until I reach the end of this calendar year. But briefly, I want to lay out my thoughts about K.L. Creative and my role as the CEO.

The business had been on my mind well before 2001. The only reason why I launched the business was because of my dissatisfaction with my job and the market, my need to grow and develop new skills, and my belief that I could one day become an entrepreneur. All of these objectives were met in some form or fashion. Unfortunately, the process was somewhat unplanned, and the launch began with extreme pressure to render quick results - 5-month old daughter, wife, mortgage, and bills. Even worse, my business skills were lacking on many fronts, and my professional development was mediocre at best. But, it was a failure I would not trade for the world.

I'm not sure what will become of me as a professional, entrepreneur, or leader. I've come to understand that I can only concentrate on the things in front of me. If I have that magical shot at doing something "big", I know this experience with K.L. Creative Solutions will be the difference-maker, in terms of my ability to understand what is involved with running a business. More important, having the opportunity to stare failure dead in the face has forced me to appreciate the little things that lead to success.

This blog entry goes out to all the small businesses out there trying to survive. The world has no clue about what you go through. Wall Street couldn't understand your challenges if it hit them dead in the face. Washington can't comprehend how important your efforts are to freedom.

I remember the day I began the business, and it felt like a start of a new life; a chance to do it the right way. Today, I mourn for that life I failed to keep alive.

Keep surviving. Keep trying. Keep believing.


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