Friday, December 23, 2011

Hitting the Finish Line

As I come close to the end of a very interesting year, I am reflecting on what has been learned to establish some goals for 2012. We've sen a lot of changes globally this year, in the midst of a very stagnate economy. That being said (or written), it appears that success will be difficult to fake in the future. Maybe we partied too much. Maybe it's a good thing.

If I had to make predictions for the future of marketing, business, and strategy, I would say that hitting the fundamentals will be essential to success. Unfortunately, we have partied so hard that no one has an idea of what "fundamentals" means anymore. It means 12-hour days reading, thinking, and struggling with concepts. It means getting out of your chair, or couch, and living the experience. It means serving to understanding leadership. It means practicing the right way to do it so much that it becomes second-hand during execution. It means that the numbers can't lie for your anymore, and faking the funk will only prolong your recovery. It means BEING ALL ABOUT IT!

Go to work!

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