Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Predicament: To What Extent Should You Make Your Point?

So, I find myself in a strange situation, not quite to the point of an impasse. Rarely do I use this blog to express personal concerns, especially when expression has so much emotion it. But I have no choice.

It appears that this world has made a commitment to selfish behavior, probably indirectly tied to the concept that freedom involves only the pursuit of happiness. And I get it, what is more fulfilling than to have all of your efforts return back to you in the form of benefits you deem appropriate for the value you have placed on yourself? But, when the act of sharing, considering, and supporting those things that do not have a clear and immediate benefit to your quest for happiness becomes an uncomfortable inconvenience, I have no choice but to ask why do you involve yourself in things that require teamwork or cooperation?

I get it. You joined forces with someone or others to amplify the benefits coming to you, but surely you see the error of your ways.

I am committed to making a point from now on, to show the selfish how little they understand the concept. One, you rely on others to make it happen for you. Two, you have no mechanism for gratitude or genuine appreciation. And finally, you are horrible at faking it.

So here's what we are going to do. I'm prepared to being a very unpleasant person to deal with - no more pleasantries of appropriateness. I'm tired of pretending. I intend to tear down bridges, and leave it up to you to figure out how to rebuild it, if you deem it necessary. And just when you get the last piece of material on the bridge you had to rebuild, I plan to tear the bridge down again. I think it would be appropriate for anyone who refuses to understand, and is incapable of changing.

Let's do this so I can move on.

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