Monday, December 03, 2012

A Personal Update

Okay, here we are on Monday heading into the home stretch to conclude the 2012 year. This moment reminds me of a preacher that was just released from prison for child-support evasion. He began his sermon by saying these words:

"Man never runs out of chances. He runs out of time."

Whatever you planned for 2012, either you did it, or you didn't. Time is up for this year. Whatever resulted from your plans this past New Year's Day, I hope in some respects you have grown, matured, and developed into a better warrior - a better thinker. I have one last project to conclude for this year - prospectus submission and defense - that was part of my plans for the year. I did not achieve everything planned for the year, but this one will be vitally important for very personal reasons. I have learned that packing your life with small, medium, and large goals helps you go through the process of refining your life to be more effective.

In a recent conversation with my good friend and counselor, I told him that I now have the focus of a an addict. I know I could use a better analogy, but hear me for a second. First, I recognize that any addiction is a bad thing, and an unfortunate situation for all those impacted by this psychological phenomenon. Addiction is a reality that most of us deal with in some form or fashion. But my point centers on the reality of the focus of an addict, to ignore things around them, to commit themselves to a lifelong pursuit for the purest experience possible, to being intolerant of the things that interfere with that pure experience. No substitutes, no additives, and nothing that does not lead to and produce the pure experience.

They say the process for obtaining a pure element like gold requires a process of enduring high levels of heat and pressure to separate the impurities from the core essence of the desired element. I am finding myself going through this refining process to be the best professional and problem-solver I can be in life - in the tradition of the addict.

Make the choice to be effective today.

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  1. In understanding your pursuit of excellence, being grateful for all the things that you did accomplish in 2012 is a better way to start 2013. Go ahead and review your list of accomplishments for 2012 as opposed to what you did not accomplish or get to you would agree with me that you did exceptionally well. Lighten up!