Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2013 is Here

Well, 2012 is clearly over, and what an eventful year it was for me and the entire world. There was plenty of political friction and business uncertainty. And socially, we are all settling into a new incremental world. Personally for me, I completed my course work in the Ph.D. program, passed my oral and written comprehensive exams, began writing my dissertation prospectus, changed jobs, completed my first level in Toastmasters, made significant gains in my health, and launched a new focus on philanthropy, investing, and community service. We all now have to close the book on 2012, and begin working on the plans for 2013. So, what are the plans for me this year?

My theme from my ritual last year was "Base Hits", a mindset that was helpful for such an eventful year. I now realize that home runs are not always possible, much less helpful to the overall problem. But base hits make up the small pieces that lead to scoring, leading, and winning. The strategy turned out well for me in 2012. I found myself being more realistic, more patient, and more focused on the things in front of me. To build on this progress, I have decided to make the theme for 2013, "Uncut", or pure for the lack of a better term.

My goal is to get at the purest essence of everything I want to experience this year. I use the term uncut to reference the value of the raw essence of things. What it means to taste sugar from the cane. How it feels to see how green Ireland really looks. Having the conversation with someone that influences positive change in all that took part in it. It's all about basically removing those things that interfere with having the true uncut experience. Of course, most things must be cut with something, or cannot be totally separated from other things. And this point leads me to my revelation during the ritual this past week.

I realized that in order to experience the uncut this year, I will be required to do and be more. How convenient is it for me to just say that I want everything I experience to be pure, and SNAP it shows up on a silver platter. If it were that simple, it wouldn't be a theme or a challenge for me. No, it means that in every experience, I must be determined enough to do the things that lead to an uncut experience. It means that I must take the liberty to remove the impurities, and develop new methods - new tools - to produce the outcome I want. This means that I must put aside my tendencies of appropriateness and conflict-avoidance, because the desire to experience the uncut experience is my problem. Finally in order to expect that my world will offer me the uncut experience, I must be willing and able to provide experiences that symbolize the spirit of uncut to those around me.

I look forward to writing and talking with you all this year. It will be an outstanding year, and probably the final year of preparation for something transformative for us all. Happy New Year, and best wishes in 2013.

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