Monday, January 21, 2013

The Rhythm. The Groove.

In order to develop things of quality, you must have enough productive time to accomplish the task. I am finding my schedule packed full of events, tasks, and activities that get in the way of my large projects, such as finishing my dissertation. I know some say that you should just get it done, but I am convinced the robotic action of just meeting the bare minimum requirements has a negative impact on how we condition ourselves for excellence. If it doesn't include meaningful activities like finishing a doctoral program, completing a unique project, or repetitive tasks that contribute to problems in your life, then when does one give it the good effort? When the time is convenient? When there is an immediate incentive to do so? When we perceive that it's important to others? I'm not so sure we can calculate these circumstances with accurate certainty.

The legend has it that Michael Jordan played just as hard on an off-night than in the crucial game seven situations in the NBA Finals. It's even said that other legends often practice harder than they play. I'm rambling here, but you get my point. You have to find a way to get more out of the experience than the day before.

Today, I am finding a good stride in my prospectus work. This has been more than a marathon, because there is not predetermined route, no set start time, and definitely no set end time. But, it sure does test your endurance - mentally. In any case, I encourage everyone to reserve the time for the more in-depth project to moments when you can give them the attention they deserve. Trust me, I understand that time is difficult to come by in large chunks. But that's the challenge in placing everything in its designated priority. Five minutes here and three minutes there will only lead to a compilation of random rambling.


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