Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I have found myself at the all too famous crossroads of life. Unlike my previous encounters with this anxiety-prone circumstance in life, I feel, for the most part, as though I have a few options in front of me that appear to be good opportunities. However, the decisions will now require more commitment than ever from me and my life, and even my expressions in this blog.

For now, I'm not sure which road I will take. The important point of this frequent circumstance is that crossroads have less to do with the chosen direction, but the perception of progression that influences the ultimate decision. One person believes college is not for them, while another person believes they can get into Harvard. These decisions have a lot to do with our perception of the past, and the hope and desire we have for the future. If one feels that life thus far has not produced much, it is probably likely they will believe the road ahead, in spite of the direction, will produce fairly the same results. I mention this because I am forced, with this particular crossroad, to analyze and make sense of my past, which is a mixed bag at best.

Unlike most of my post where I fail to bring the entry home with some mention of what this has to do with brands or brand-building, I am committed in this instance, and hopefully all the entries in the future, to connect the dots between my mindless rambling and useful information for those who wish to become better in marketing, branding, or business strategy.

One, we are all the promise-keepers of our individual brand; the symbols we project to others through our work and words. Some call it conviction, others call it destiny, but in this instance I challenge you to think of it as simply engagement in your deliberate self to differentiate your character from other characters around you. Lately, I have been concerned with my personal brand, and how it is valued in my immediate marketplace. I wonder if I have positioned myself in the most profitable environment, or am I being inefficient in my effort to hold value in a difficult marketplace. As with all brands, we must fight the battle between what we believe is right, and what is acceptable among customers - now and in the future. The crossroads represents an extremely important and powerfully pivotal point in time for any brand. The decision to remove and bring back Steve Jobs, the courage to maintain customer service levels in the airline industry, the audacity to hold fast to the same product design and make it better. The crossroads are an important part of brand building.

If you are still following me to this point in the entry, I believe you can easily transition the discussion on the self-brand to brand problems in the organizational sense. If you begin to think of the great brand builders, you will notice a great similarity in how these individuals have been successful in designing their own person brand, which I believe inevitably produces similar results in the fruits of their labor.

If you are looking at the fork in the road for clues to where it will end, you may have unfortunately reached your destination.

Safe travels.

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