Saturday, June 08, 2013

Maiden Voyage

I am reading through some journal articles listening to Robert Glasper's version of Maiden Voyage, again and again. It's a clean-up day. I am having the carpets and tile cleaned. As I clear things out, I find myself questioning things - thinking through my choices in life.

I was talking to a good friend today, and we spoke of journeys - the dreams of great travels personally and professionally. They mentioned the concept of journeys being hard or easy. I responded that I don't care much about that adjective in journeys. I don't believe they apply in my world. I am more concerned with the potential of the journey taking one step forward, that the journey can actually begin, that there is a shot of a journey, that laughter and tears could be applied to something beyond self, that I am actually going and getting somewhere.

Maiden Voyage has me messed up right now. Messed up real bad.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Leap Forward FB Comment

The other day I was inspired to think about the visionaries and great minds of the past - artist, activist, etc. I still remain inspired by their efforts, and I now realize how important it is to always strive for excellence. The point of life, and making a difference, is that there will be no theme music when the time arrives. It will not have any forewarning as to this is the time to be great. The circumstances will look like any other challenge, and often much worse than normal. So disregarding those important moments as times when excellence is not necessary is a fatal flaw in life. This is assuming you want to brighten the world around you.

No, I have learned that you get in the practice of excellence, just because. When the time and opportunity arises to do just a little more than the day before, seize it! As I stated in the FB post, "they used what was in front of them to take that leap, and we took it with them". Going beyond is never about you. It's always about those around you, and difference you can make when we all strive for more or better.

I'm not sure what my important leap will be in life. I'm not much concerned about it at this point. I have ceased to listen for dramatic theme music, or even the conditions necessary for it to potentially occur. I am sure if it is in my destiny, the time will find me at a point where I am making that leap. Who knows what will be driving it, or influencing me to do more? The important thing is for me to continue believing that striving for excellence is the right thing to do every day all day, in spite of what I get back from the environment.

This goes out to all who are struggling with whatever. It's easy to give up or not care about what happens tomorrow. Often there are so few sources of support, even when we have close friends and family around us. No one can see the hurt or loneliness in you, and that's okay. If you can survive it, your strength will be much more sustainable, because you have learned to do it in spite of. This is just a little advice from someone who is truly struggling to make sense of it all.

Just remember the leap can be any effort, even getting out of bed today. I encourage you to take that leap. I  pray that your faith is strengthened with each effort, each attempt. LEAP FORWARD!