Saturday, June 08, 2013

Maiden Voyage

I am reading through some journal articles listening to Robert Glasper's version of Maiden Voyage, again and again. It's a clean-up day. I am having the carpets and tile cleaned. As I clear things out, I find myself questioning things - thinking through my choices in life.

I was talking to a good friend today, and we spoke of journeys - the dreams of great travels personally and professionally. They mentioned the concept of journeys being hard or easy. I responded that I don't care much about that adjective in journeys. I don't believe they apply in my world. I am more concerned with the potential of the journey taking one step forward, that the journey can actually begin, that there is a shot of a journey, that laughter and tears could be applied to something beyond self, that I am actually going and getting somewhere.

Maiden Voyage has me messed up right now. Messed up real bad.

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