Sunday, October 06, 2013

You Don't Have to be Having Fun for Time to Fly By

It's hard to think that a few months have passed since my last blog entry. Come to think of it, this may be the longest lapse in time since I started this blog. In any case, life has been kicking my butt. In fact, I need to be writing my dissertation as we speak. When I come through this - and I will make it through, I have so much to share with everyone, about strategy, about business, and about the knowledge I would like to share with everyone from my experiences in the doctoral program.

However, those moments are down the road. Right now, I need to be about the business of getting it done. I must admit, I am somewhat stuck in the process, mostly scared of the unknown future. The experience and eventual achievement has presented some new options for me. I always tell young students that life should be an expansion of options as you grow older. However, I am finding it more difficult to deal with all the signs and splits along the way. I do know that I want to make a meaningful impact on society, in a positive way might I add (it could be taken many ways). I also want to realize a new frontier of wealth and freedom. It's time to have some fun - work hard play hard.

So, I am working on it, pushing through this experience that has changed me more than I anticipated. I hope all is well with everyone. The next time someone says "time flies when you are having fun", just tell them that "time simply flies because".

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