Saturday, January 18, 2014

An Update on Progress and Purpose

It's hard to imagine we are getting close to wrapping up the first month of the year. Things got busy pretty quick. In the great words of the Brooks in Shawshank Redemption, "it seems like everyone got in a big damn hurry". How true Brooks, how true. Whatever the case, we are moving forward in this time and space to place our mark on 2014. As with every year, the canvas is blank, and waiting on our input on what the composition will be.

I have begun to make a little progress on my dissertation. The BPM project at work is steadily charging ahead. Spiritually, I have take a more focused approach to my prayer and meditation discipline. Physically, I am trying to maintain some schedule of exercise, until I can free up some time to make a more meaningful commitment. All of this to say, I now pray to offer thanks for the space I have been allowed to work within, with the hope of doing great things in the context and circumstances granted to me in this life's walk.

A man, who takes life seriously, is torn with many things - none of the options are clear, much less comparable. One leap too soon, and you blow it all away. One hesitation, and you inherit regret. And all along, our experiences from growing up change our perception of what we believed to be real or not real, good or not so good. Yes, we are torn with making sense of something that gives us the freedom of seeing it any way we choose.

2013 was an extremely rough year for me. I found out the delicate nature of confidence. How the lone ranger concept is a bad idea. But most of all, I found out how conviction, and standing for something, is the only way a man can make sense of his life, regardless of the outcome. Years ago, I titled this blog All About the Brand, with the intentions of discussing matters around marketing. The title of this blog has evolved into a different context, broader than marketing and advertising. The brand refers to my thoughts, my actions, my meditations. Many in the field of marketing believe the brand is all about the promise. Whether known or unknown, we all provide a promise to those around us of what we will do or not do. I must spend a little time to think about what I have promised, and what I want to promise, and what I should promise in this life's journey.

I tweeted a thought in 2013 that was birthed out of my frustrations and disappointments. "A brand becomes real after it has publicly rejected the convenience of breaking the promise." I will leave you to mediate on that, as I have for some time.