Saturday, March 08, 2014

Your Stone. Your Sculpture. Your Choice.

There is something to be said about the wilderness, about being alone in a personal struggle. There is a point where you want to quit and go back to the world of comfort. Then there is the space where you can't go back, but question if you have made a monumental mistake in the journey. Finally, there is the beautiful space - nirvana for me in many respects; the reason why I head back in the woods every time. It's the point when you have no choice but to keep moving, in spite if everything going against you. It's the space where you square up with your character and realize the cost of achievement. Where every accomplishment in the past doesn't matter, and there are few fans cheering you on. It's where real strength is built, where your stone-of-character is refined some more to build your life's composition. 

Trust me, it is easy to avoid these moments and experiences, as long as you are okay with looking at your stone as merely that, a stone on the side of the road benefiting no one, inspiring folly, and producing the things that hinder our society from being a beautiful world for everyone. Well, Martin places it in a better light:

"The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict."

The only way you will lose is quitting - giving up.
The finish line is not determined by you.

For those who wish to craft and sculpt a useful piece of stone, the wind won't erode it into something beautiful, and the water can wash away the rough edges. No, the composition is totally up to you, and the tools you acquire along the way are reflective of your desire to tell your story your way - presenting a composition useful to many, inspiring all of us to be and do better, and producing something to goes beyond your time here on earth.

I am blessed to have chipped away a major piece of stone lately. I may not finish the composition, but the inferences are there, or at least I can start to see them.

Take care of your stone (spirit), build your composition, and share it with others.

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