Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Behind the Brand.....Behind the Curtain

This is just a random reflection on the state of advertising and marketing today. While I have been impressed with the transformation the industry has made to become more quantitatively focused, I have failed to see any evidence of correlating spending with revenue outcomes. I think it is more aligned with the functions of a given business, but I don't know if it can claim any causal power to improving the outcome of an organization, as it once did in the past. In a way, better data has pulled the curtain back on the previous false claims of many regarding the measurable benefits of advertising.

I think of all the "experts" in the industry and how their value in the marketplace was all driven by their confidence in what they produced for a client. That's was about it - confidence, or arrogance if you may. And I ponder if the confidence was worth it in the long run. Sure, they have the experience and the financial benefits of good selling of ones' self, but how has that distorted their sense of value? How can confidence help them in a world that doesn't value confidence more than it values sound data and information?

We live in a different era than the days of OZ where verification was too complicated and costly to examine each time your ran across someone making a claim of being a difference maker, in similar fashion to how we came to conclusions in the sciences centuries ago. The experts have quickly become artist, and certain genre of artist at that.

The best way to not allow your audience to get behind the brand - behind the curtain - is to not hide behind it. Just saying.

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