Sunday, July 27, 2014

My Visit to Las Vegas

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege to visit with a good friend. It had been more than twenty years since I had last seen him, and it was a much-needed visit for many reasons. One, he was, and is, a really good friend that gives me good advice. Two, visiting with him reminded me of the good personal traits I have learned from him - having a sense of style (still working on this one), keeping things in perspective, and always being able to laugh at any situation. Finally, I had the honor of visiting a brand he is associated with that is functioning successfully in the Vegas area - Insert Coin(s).

It's a concept that should make sense, but was totally new to me. It's a video lounge, capturing all walks of life - gamers, club heads, hip-hopers, and the curious ones. It has been a long time since I highlighted brands, and I think I need to return to doing this to analyze brands and introduce new ideas to the world. For this one, it's personal, because I have the best wishes that this business thrives and prospers, for my friend. But on an objective note, I think it is a good concept, nicely situated in an area that will allow for a good stream of potential customers.

For those in the club and bar business, never stop innovating, and never forget that people always need a reason to get out. I am sure many of the patrons of Insert Coin(s) grab their keys, which are sitting on a video game console, and head to the venue to play video games and socialize. Yes, we are social animals, and Insert Coin(s) is a prime example of how to build brands - social brands - from the brick-and-mortar perspective.

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