Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Durability of Your Brand

There is no perfect position to avoid opposition to your brand. Inevitably, your brand - your promise - will find some situation where favor has disappeared. Some experience this at the beginning, with an apathetic or hostile audience - the most difficult. Some see it after a successful launch of acceptance - the most dangerous. And others see it much later in the life of their brand - the most destructive. So, the question stands, how do you handle it? More specific, how should you handle it?

Well the answer to the first question is clear, the best you possibly can. The how, well that's a different story. The goal of any moment of adversity is to first survive, and then, if possible, come out on the other end even better than you entered. In order to do this, your brand must have embedded within the core fabric of the promise, a framework for change, and the capacity to take the opportunity to fully understand the nature of adversity to recalibrate your mission to the people you plan to serve.

Always remember, position and purpose are not necessarily synonymous. Your purpose should never change, with respect to your brand. Your position, is always relative to the environment you intend to be relevant. The question you need to ask, is are you in the right environment, and are you relevant in that environment. The opposition to your brand is simply an opportunity to clearly ask that question.

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