Sunday, April 12, 2015

Doing the Things No One Else Will Do

I always give one standards statement to those asking for mentor advice. "Do the things no one else wants to do." It always throws them off, and many walk away disappointed. But in my experience as a professional and leader, I have found my value in an organization or industry to be directly correlated to the problems I can solve. And in a world where most are problem-averse, living by this philosophy would be counterintuitive. I ran across an article that somewhat address my view point. The article points out that you should seek opportunities you are interested in, and not those that appear to be the most accepted or logical. I encourage you to read the article and give me your thoughts. 

As for my philosophy, here are a few advantages of having this mindset:

  1. You can develop a niche in the workplace
  2. You can demonstrate new skills to your superiors
  3. You gain the respect of your colleagues
  4. You become an expert at something
  5. The organization will have confidence in your judgment and discernment for the organization
  6. You demonstrate the ability to deal with risk
  7. You will have to confront your insecurities of venturing into the unknown
  8. You can build a coalition of believers
  9. You will be described as a problem solver