Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Hopeful Return

I made it a goal as a parent to encourage my daughters to always take part - as students - in one sport and one art. From the perspective of my upbringing, both served critical roles in helping me navigate through life. The involvement in sports allowed me to take on a routine of health and fitness. Team sports added the lessons of teamwork and group competitiveness. Individual sports like tennis and track brought about a different sense of competition and an awareness of self performance.

The arts served a similar but much different role in my life. Mental health was the focus in this area, and it all centered on the act of expression. In art and expression, I had a mechanism to push out the things that I internalized or those things that impacted me in some way. In both sports and art, I believe my daughters have a chance at working through the changes of life, which can be difficult to understand and often seem impossible to endure.

Today is a celebration for me. I had a chance to read and reflect, and now I am writing to you. Athletically, I have found peace and joy in cycling, with a goal to complete 100 miles per week. However, as I have come to master this aspect of life, my artistic expressions have been limited. The occasional tweet every now and then is a sign that I am alive. But, it's important that I endeavor into much more involved expression. Losing my practice for the visual arts forces me to rely heavily on writing, and while writing seems to be much easier to do given the technology, I have failed to keep it in my routine for the past six months. The result is an aimless walk through life, hoping things will come together. But they haven't. It's not that I can cycle and write my way to purpose, but pouring my energy into these two outlets, i believe, will pour out my thoughts and feelings in a structure I can interpret from a worldly view.

So, what does this have to do with branding? Moving forward, this has everything to do with a my rebranding, my refinement as a professional and thinker. It feels good to again touch this keyboard and produce something that matters to me, and hopefully some of you out there. To be honest, the separation from writing has helped me to appreciate how important it is to be in balance and to be at peace. In many ways, businesses struggle with the same circumstance. The routines are thrown off by changes in the environment that have impacted the organization in some way. And all of a sudden, the activities for health and expression are disrupted, leaving balance in jeopardy. We witnessed it with Apple in the 1990s, Ford until recently, and Coke in the 1980s. Yet to become one of the longstanding greats, this journey - lost as it may be - is necessary to understand balance in the new context.

I intend to return to my balance, equipped with new skills and evolving with old ones. It will take me a while to get it all back, but I am excited about the attempt to once again be about my brand - excellence. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015